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The idea of staying in luxury holiday cottages when visiting Cornwall has been around for years. However to Joey and Charlotte, the idea of having luxury holiday cottages as a standard in Cornwall, is one they wanted to do well. At Cornish Stays, Joey and Charlotte believe that every visiting family, friend group and couple should have nothing less than luxury accommodation when visiting Cornwall and the ethos of their brand is built upon this. The entrepreneurial couple have for many years built a reputation on providing an exceptional service and the  quality of their accommodation is second to none. Read more about how the dream of offering luxury cottages in Cornwall, became a reality with Cornish Stays.



The Journey to Cornish Stays’ Luxury Cottages in Cornwall

Charlottes story

Charlotte’s journey to a portfolio of luxury cottages started in her very early days in Cornwall. Growing up in a little Cornish village called Ponsanooth, Charlotte’s commitment to hard work started right here in a primary school called Kennal Vale. This lovely little primary school was the beginning of so much for Charlotte who was encouraged from a very early age to work hard and keep her head down. Her commitment to her work and education led to a plethora of achivements including a Scholarship at Truro High School for Girls. It is here that Charlotte completed her GCSE’s and A Levels and set her goals for how she would achieve the next steps in her career.

From the age of 16, it was clear that Charlotte had ambition and wanted to achieve so much in her early life. So, alongside studying, Charlotte focused her efforts on a natural talent, a very successful modelling career that would set her up for many successful years to come. Charlotte went on to win awards and competitons nationally, featuring in many national newspapers and magazines. A real people person at heart, Charlotte went on to host her own MTV Music Show, whilst competing in Beauty Pageants worldwide. Ofcourse, gaining so much experience wouldn’t be complete without a degree to aid her future business goals. So, alongside her modelling career, and sharing her weeks between Truro and London, Charlotte studied at Plymouth University, where she gained a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Having successfully gained the degree she wanted and having gained the experience needed to explore new business ventures, Charlotte took the next steps in her career. Charlotte went on to create online retail businesses in areas she loved, focusing her new business skills in importing products for online retail sales. 

With Charlotte’s sights firmly focused on her long-term business dream, there was one more milestone to conquer and it wasn’t without hardwork Known nationally now for her win, Charlotte went on to win the FHM High Street Honey’s modelling competition, which earned her a modelling contract and generous prize sum. It was this prize sum that helped Charlotte take that all important next step, and she went on to invest in her very first property renovation in Cornwall. 

And did we mention a very successful and passionate Joey? In 2009, after a London drink and a night out later… the Joey and Charlotte whirlwind began. I mean, who would have known that the entrepeneurial couple would share the same passion for luxury cottages in Cornwall? 

Joey’s story

Joey’s journey to a portfolio of luxury cottages in Cornwall, started with passion, hard work and a love of the coast. Born in Oxford, but a real travel-lover at heart, Joey knew very early on that he was destined to be by the coast. Joeys passion for doing things well, started in his very early years growing up in Portsmouth. A lover of the outdoors and the simpler  things in life; Joey spent many hours foraging in the woods and fishing for bass along Southsea sea front. Joey also thrived on drawing and art, and spent hours creating clay sculptures,  and sketching beautiful landscapes of places he loved to be. It was during these moments, that Joey dreamed about his future plans and set the next steps for what could be.

From a teenager, Joey always had a strong work ethic and his willingness to succeed was noticed by many. A lover of the outdoors and following his passion for creative projects, Joey turned his hand to the building trade. Joey knew what he wanted to achieve and knew that his future success wouldn’t be achievable without dedication and perhaps a little practical experience. Turning his hand to anything he could do to earn money, Joey spent the next few years bumping tiles on to roofs, digging trenches, and mixing up plaster for local builders. All to gain the experience and skills needed to move forward; a step closer to his longer term goals and those all important pennies ! Joey being the ambitious and creative individual he is, went on to complete an Aero Space Engineering apprenticeship, and then further studied to gain experience in Domestic Electrics and Facilities Maintenace. 

As an indivudal that was only ever destined to work for himself, Joey went on to set up his very own Property Maintenance company at the age of 21. Renovating houses, nightclubs and hotels was all in a days work for Joey whos successes continued year after year. 

Fast forward a few years, after many successful projects, Joey has developed property and commercial buildings throughout London, and Europe and it doesn’t end there. A drink and a well-remembered night out later, saw the beginnings of Joey and Charlotte, a very successful buy to let property portfolio in Portsmouth and an online Facilities Maintenance Company which would later be sold. All in all, a journey to be remembered and one that would lead to their dream of a portfolio of luxury cottages in Cornwall. 

Cornish Stays’ Five Star Luxury Cottages in Cornwall 

Their dream of owning luxury cottages wouldn’t be complete without Joey and Charlotte’s whirlwind romance ending back in Cornwall. Holding Cornwall so close to her heart, Charlotte craved being close to her roots. The couple embarked on a new journey which saw a quieter, simpler way of life in Cornwall. This Cornish dream was a new beginning, an opportunity to follow their luxury cottage dream and start over again! Joey and Charlotte were passionate and wanted to excel in everything they put their hand to. So with that, Joey taught himself to self-draw his own architectural building and design plans, encompassing past skills from his school days. Charlotte rekindled her love of Marketing and Social Media and embarked on their new Cornish business journey, helping to create their brand; Cornish Stays.

Their first venture saw the purchase of a dilapidated toilet block on the Coast Path in Charlestown. Little did they know, this was to be the start of so much more… Creating and managing idyllic five star holiday homes in the heart of Cornwall. 

The ‘Loo With A View’ renovation was a favourite for many. Featured on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, the ‘Loo With a View’ won an LABC Award for the best conversion of a property in 2018.

The property has been named as one of the Top 5 Luxury Accommodations in Cornwall, and continues to this day to be fully booked all year round. It’s easy to see why, when you look at it’s beautiful interior design and magnificent coastal location.

In between a handful of other projects, the mammoth task of re-building The Beach House began. The poorly designed, dated building saw a stunning conversion take place into a luxurious beach front coastal retreat. Pure bliss was what they achieved, with a hot tub peeking over onto the sandy beach below, and a sunken fire pit area to warm you year-round. It features glass balustrades to shelter from the coastal winds, and a cinema den with glitter ceiling. This luxury Cornwall cottage wouldn’t be complete without its built in wall aquarium, a striking feature thats loved by so many. The surround sound system, and of course, the much loved cinema popcorn machine all add to the charm of this stunning beach house. 

The house is now a highly successful, sought after holiday home and a proud achievement for Joey and Charlotte. With their bookings stretching to 18 months ahead, its clear that the couple have a vision that’s loved by so many.

Many years of hard work later, sees a happily married Joey and Charlotte who are proud to say they have fulfulled their dream of luxury cottages in Cornwall. The couple now have a successful portfolio of luxury Cornwall cottages and are continuing to grow their brand of luxury comes as standard. Destined to be together, the couple are living a more relaxed life in Cornwall with their four dogs, and are making the most of the vast offerings that beautiful Kernow has to offer.

Of course, it wouldn’t be them if this was the end of their story… In fact they are working on their next big project as we speak!! To keep upto date and hear about their new luxury cottages in Cornwall, why not subscribe to the newsletter 🙂

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